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Full Car Wraps

The bottom line is you get what you pay for, whether you like it or not it’s true!! All companies out there have roughly the same overheads, rent, electric, insurance etc etc….. if one company is £1200 and we are £2000 then that tells you they are not spending as much time on the job as we are. So lets dive a little deeper into what we actually do on a full vehicle wrap. Firstly the car is given a full exterior decontamination and pre wash in our purpose built wash bay, it is then dried using air to avoid scratching the paintwork, once the vehicle is clean and dry we then do a full inspection using the latest scangrip lights, this is to pick up any problems in the paintowork that could affect the quality of the wrap. If anything is discovered we will either send you pictures or ask you to come to our workshop where we can discuss the best options moving forward. If all is well with the paintwork we will then clay bar the whole vehicle, this will remove any high spots and any excess contamination that wasn’t removed in the previous wash. Once the clay bar is complete we will then drive the vehicle into our temperature controlled detailing bay to be lifted up onto our scissor lift. Once on the lift we will begin to carefully remove but not limited to the following items:

Once all the above has been completed we can then start to wrap the vehicle. Ultimately the quality of the finished wrap will be determined by how thorough the previous steps have been, the skill level of the wrapper and last but not least the environment it is wrapped in must be dust free and the correct temperature. Then when we have finally finished wrapping the whole vehicle we will do all the above steps in reverse order, and give the whole vehicle another wash to really make the new wrap look extra special.

Part Wraps

Part wraps a great way to customise your car!! Nearly all parts of a vehicle can be wrapped even the interior. Please see below some of the most common areas we offer part vehicle wraps to on our customer’s vehicles.

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